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How long can I hire for?

Hire by the Day, Week, Weekend or Long Term.

What can I hire for?

Corporate Functions, Sporting Events, Weddings and Parties, Bathroom Renovations, Events

How many toilets do I need?

Please use our Unit Meter as a preliminary guide or give us a call discuss your requirements further.

Do the toilets arrive ready to use?

All units are placed on site ready and ready for use with fresh water, chemical, paper and soap.

How soon can I get it?

Subject to the number of units required we can generally deliver within 24 hours of receipt of your order and payment. (Advanced

bookings is desirable)

24 Hour access for cleaning and servicing

Please keep in mind, if we need to clean and service your toilet at the time of pickup or during extended hire it needs to be accessible.

Toilets for Events & Parties

We are able to provide from 1 single toilet unit for a backyard function or 50 plus units for a larger event.

Things to think about when choosing location & hiring

  • ACCESS: to the site for delivery of the unit.
  • LOCATION: where you want the unit onsite.
  • GATES: is there a gate to go through and will the unit fit?
  • FENCE: is there a fence to go over?
  • STAIRS: are there stairs?
  • CARPORT: is there a carport and is there access through it?
  • DIMENSIONS: units are different sizes, see our Product information

Where can I have my units placed...

The toilets will be placed within 15 metres of truck access so the pump-out hose can reach the toilet for cleaning. We manually slide the toilet into position and will need access of at least  1.5 metres wide and 2.5 metres high through gates and garages etc. We then fill the toilet with water and chemicals. Once toilets have been delivered they should not be moved during the period of hire.

Can't find the answer you want here?

Please give us a call, we're happy to answer your questions!

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